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There is joy in making
tremendous effort

This course has been created
for someone who sincerely wants to improve

Someone who suspects that
learning can be joyous

Someone willing to make a tremendous effort.
For someone like you

How we help you

We have been teaching students successfully for over 15 years and have made sure we keep our promise to them...and that is to over 1500 of them! We started this program to make sure every child gets to experience the joy of learning!

Think of an app where each video explains a concept and then a short quiz immediately engages you to apply the concept and verifies if you have understood it. A simple yet powerful method for learning. This is what this app will do for your child.

This is supplemented with test papers, mock exams and an option for 1-on-1 help if required, this is in addition to live interactive sessions from time to time. Our videos try to create the ambience of 1-on-1 learning with the teacher right next to you.

We do realise that most students are yet to master the basic concepts (pre-requisites) taught in earlier classes. Keeping this in mind, we have tried to include detailed calculations and frequent review of basic concepts especially in Math.

We are committed to ensure that every sincere student will find all the help that he/she needs to excel in class 10.

What we offer

Short Videos

Our videos simulate 1-on-1 personalized coaching & discussion

Focus on Concepts

Concepts are carefully illustrated with clear diagrams & animation.

Checkpoint Quizzes

Almost every video is followed by a few questions to engage & assess.

Chapter Tests

Chapter tests at the end of every chapter

Hands-on Experiments

Several simple demonstrations that make the learning more relatable & fun

Quick Review

Quick review offers a related reference to the topic of study

Mock Exams

Mock exams with solutions. Option of 1-on-1 evaluation & guidance

Assistance on demand

Over and above the videos, you can opt for 1- on-1 coaching as per your requirement

Doubt busting

Periodic online sessions are conducted for clarification of doubts

Check out our videos

Sum of 'n' terms (Gauss’s punishment)

Measurement of a solid object

Water flowing through a pipe at a particular velocity

Cross section of Solids

What is the size of the biggest rod which can be made to fit diagonally in a cuboid

How many cuboids are needed to form the smallest cube

Our Pricing


Premium Plan

for pricing details contact us at

  • Full access to the app until the end of the enrolled academic year
  • Access to CBSE or SSLC (Karnataka State Board) class 10 videos
  • For Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects
  • Covers basics of all topics with over 1000+ short videos
  • Quick review videos with important problems solved

Below features are available at an extra cost

(Contact us for more details)

  • Live doubt busting sessions on demand
  • Offline viewing of videos for students in remote location


The HTL videos were really helpful for last minute revision and also helped us sort our doubts at any time. Compared to explanations in school the videos are much better.

- Bhavanan (student)

Nihaarika found the videos very useful. It helped her revisit the concepts in an elaborate & clear manner. It was helpful for her problem solving. Thank you for all the efforts u have put in.

- Indumathi (parent)

Amogh has been using the videos diligently for his preparation and he likes them very much. He says gaurav sir can make anything look simple. Thanks sir for the effort you have put in making these videos.

- Smitha Kamath (parent)

I had watched the videos recorded by HTL and I must say those videos helped me a lot in mastering the chapter triangles as every sum in the NCERT and many other books were worked out in the video series and I was able to crack the triangle proving sums with due ease.

- Rushil (student)

Our Story

There once was a lioness who lived in a beautiful lush green forest. On one sunny morning, she delivered a baby lion to the world. It was a moment of immense joy for her. Roaring with happiness, she left to hunt, leaving the baby lion at the edge of the forest. The baby lion opened his beautiful big eyes and saw the vast landscape in front of him. Welcome to the world, Hari!

Nearby in the green pastures, a flock of sheep watched the hungry baby lion. A mother sheep took pity on Hari and adopted him. She took him home and he became a part of her family of sheep. He grew up in their amidst, and became like them.

The sheep bleated. Hari bleated too.

They ate grass. Hari ate grass too.

A few months later, there stood a handsome young lion amidst sheep, who neither roared nor ate meat. This was Hari’s life as he knew it.

It so happened that one day a wild lion came hunting to the pastures where the sheep grazed. Seeing the lion walking towards them, the scared sheep started running. Hari, equally scared, ran so fast that he was ahead of the flock!

The older lion watched in confusion. He could not understand why the young lion was so scared of him. His hunger overtook his curiosity, He charged ahead of the flock and caught up with the sheep-lion Hari. “Stop!”, he said “ Why are YOU running from me?”

Shivering, Hari replied “Please, spare me. Dont eat me or any of my siblings in the flock”

“Ah, so you are a sheep?” asked the lion with a smile, now understanding Hari’s predicament

“Yes, I am” replied Hari.

The next moment, the lion lifted Hari off the ground and began carrying him towards the lake, taking large strides. Hari kept bleating and begging to be rescued.

When they reached the lake, he held Hari above the water and asked him to look at the reflection of both of them in the water. Hari was puzzled. He looked at the lion carrying him , surprised, confused and bewildered.

“Roar now!”, said the lion

“Bleat Bleat”, was all Hari could say. Much as he tried, he could not roar.

THAAAAP! He felt a blow across his cheek from a heavily padded paw. The large lion shook the young Hari out of his state. He exhorted him with gentle blows till Hari finally roared.

And lo! He felt different. He felt natural and powerful. Both the lions bounded across the pastures to join the other lions in the forest.

The above story aptly illustrates how most of us, though made in the all-powerful image of the Divine Lion of the Universe are afraid to attain knowledge without fear. It takes a kind teacher to bring us out of our limitations and work at our best potential.

We at HTL want our students to be fearless and embark on their learning journey with us in complete honesty and dedication. We assure you all the necessary support in making your journey with us joyful and fulfilling.

Together, let us strive to achieve your educational goals!